Summary of key findings for parents - This provision is good

There has been significant and rapid improvement, led by the managers, in response to the actions and recommendations raised at the last inspection. This has led to sustained, ongoing improvement in the quality of teaching and provision for children.

  • Rigorous planning and assessment identifies activities that build on what children already know and can do. This helps promote their good progress in all areas of learning and ensures their individual needs are now well met.
  • Behaviour is very good. Children develop a sense of respect and understanding for one another and show empathy for their friends. They follow consistent guidance from staff and respond quickly to the new daily routines which have been introduced.
  • Staff are highly committed to ongoing professional development and have accessed a wide range of training opportunities. Recent training in the use of questioning has been quickly implemented by staff and has directly benefited the children.
  • Partnerships with parents are good. Parents speak very highly about the effective communication with staff and the opportunities they have to contribute to their child's assessments and learning at home.

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